Thursday, May 17, 2012

May: The Best Month of the Year

May is my favorite month of the year. Not only does May mean the coming of nicer (read: warmer) weather, it's also the best part of Spring! Trees and plants are green and lush, birds are singing, flowers are blooming; the world seems to come alive! (I'm suddenly feeling the need to break into a Snow White song and dance with birds fluttering around and baby bunnies following me as I flit through the forest.)

Besides the fact that my birthday is in May (this coming Saturday, the 19th!!) and both my nephews' birthdays are within days of mine (talk about a great time to have a huge party!), it's also the month in which I've done the best in shows.

May 2, 2009: Pittsburgh Championship
Although I didn't place well at this show, I did meet the love of my life! I consider that a victory. :)

The first time Jerry and I met!
May 10, 2008: Contra Costa Championship
My friend, Melanie, met me in California and was my cheering section at this show. I won my height class AND won the Overall! I won the coolest trophy I've ever received: a genuine Excalibur sword!

2008 Conta Costa: 1st Place Class A, OVERALL WINNER!!
Mel and I had an interesting experience trying to get the sword on the plane early the next morning.

4:00 am
Me: Hi! (in a bright, cheery voice) Can you please help me get this sword (placed sword on counter) on the plane? I won it a few hours ago!
Airline Counter Attendant: It's too early for this.

We ended up cutting apart a cardboard box and wrapping it around the sword, securing it thoroughly with duct tape. I checked it as a piece of "luggage." Violá!

May 15, 2010: Lehigh Valley Championship
This was the first (and only thus far) show in which Jerry and I competed together. Prep was ... interesting for both of us. But we're happy to say we made it through and actually had a great time at the show. It was really cool to be backstage together! I won my height class!

2010 Lehigh Valley: 1st Place Class A
May 24, 2008: California State Championship
Three weeks after winning the Overall, I flew back to California from Montana to compete in the Cal State show. I won my height class and took 2nd Overall!

2008 California State: 1st Place Class B, 2nd Overall
I always smile when I see these dates in my calendar and think about the shows. They were all unique experiences and I treasure the memories.

The Maryland show is only 6 weeks away, so I won't be having any birthday cake this weekend. But I do get the best present of all: I get to hang out with Jerry and my parents (who are visiting this week!)!! May is indeed a beautiful month!

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  1. The month of May definitely likes you! :)