Monday, June 11, 2012

Contest Countdown: Only 3 More Weeks!

The countdown continues!! Only 3 more weeks until the Maryland show! It can't come soon enough for me!


The last few weeks I've been kind of crabby and negative, and I finally realized why: I'm sick of feeling crappy all the time. I realize there are some people who contend that you should never feel like crap during prep, yadda yadda yadda. I'm happy for those people, but feeling crappy has always been a part of prep for me.

  • It's not the diet - I'm eating more calories now than when I started dieting 20 weeks ago.
  • It's not the cardio - I'm doing less cardio now than I did in the off-season!
  • It's not the training - my strength is still up and I feel strong.

The issue is that my body does not want to let go of the fat. All the calories I'm consuming are being used to pull fat off my body, and that leaves very little left for other functionality. It's NORMAL; it's what's SUPPOSED to happen in prep. The whole point of prep is to prepare to present a lean, muscular look on stage, and the process to achieve that look means I feel like crap a lot of the time. I expect it and deal with it, but I'm most certainly looking forward to having more energy!

Happier Things

All that aside, what I really wanted to talk about today were some exciting things!! As my friend Tenecia wrote last week, packages in the mail are a sign of the times!

The official tanning company of the Maryland show is Liquid Sun Rayz. Since I've never used their products before, I needed to order their skin prep package. It was an exciting day when that package arrived! I'm looking forward to seeing how their tanning products work on my skin and what color I'll be on stage. I always use Jan Tana and I know what to expect, so I'm a bit apprehensive about trying LSR, but I've heard only great things about them. Maybe the tan will dry faster than Jan Tana - that'd be awesome!

Liquid Sun Rayz Skin Prep
Despite doing everything I'm supposed to do to have healthy hair, our hard water pretty much ruined my hair. I had 4 inches cut off last time I went to the salon, so my hair is a little too short for the stage right now. I need to be able to sweep it all over one shoulder, so I decided to try extensions for the first time. In the interest of not spending ALL my money on the show, I bought a Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves clip-in hair extension (instead of paying hundreds for real hair extensions). It arrived last week, so of course I immediately had to try it on! It looks awesome and matches my hair really well!!

The most exciting thing to arrive in the mail was my suit! Since I ordered it months ago and the picture on the website isn't the greatest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It's utterly stunning!! It's glittery, sparkly, and just simply beautiful. I tried it on right away and just stood and stared at myself. I looked like a Figure Competitor. What an amazing feeling. Seeing myself in the suit gave me the extra push of motivation I needed to work through Leg Day with a positive attitude.

Another exciting thing is that I'm scheduling all my final pre-show appointments. So far, brows and hair are scheduled! I just need to make a nail appointment, and I'll be ready to hit the stage!

For those of you who compete, how do you feeling during prep? Do you get uber excited about getting show prep things in the mail too?


  1. I'm super crabby & sensitive during prep... But I'm sure you know, getting prep presents in the mail keep me GOING! :) Glad you're almost there, Kari! I always love watching your journey!

  2. Don't you love getting show packages in the mail?!?! And I love your hair - can't wait to see what it looks like with the extensions!!

    So excited for you!!! 3 weeks, baby!!!


  3. I can feel your excitement in the suit. I'm sure it looks fab on you. I have my eye on a suit I'd like to purchase. Sadly, I can't afford to do a show this year (the idea was to compete in August). Maybe next year when I have a little bit more funds saved.

    Have you tried silica (supplement) for your hair? My boot camp instructor/fitness model uses it.

    1. I've never heard of silica for hair. I'm looking into it now! I wash my hair every other day, use leave-in conditioner, use moroccon oil, never blow dry it, and never comb it when it's wet. Srsly, what more can I do to keep it healthy?! Ha! I've also been getting Kerastase protein treatments every month or two at the salon. We finally got a water filter for the shower, so that seems to be helping. Thanks for the tip!

    2. No problem. Let me know if it works.

  4. How exciting!! Good luck :) Thanks for sharing your experiences along the way!!

  5. Good luck on your show!! Liquid Sun Rayz has been the contest tanner for many of my shoes, and after you use their tan you will never want to go back to Jan Tana- they are amazing!

    Where did you end up ordering your suit from? I'm in the process of figuring out where to get a new one.

    1. I'm excited to see how LSR works on my skin!

      I ordered my suit from Tamee Marie: LOVE her suit designs!!

  6. I am not so fun in prep. I admit it, I see it, I feel it... don't blame anyone for avoiding me ;) I think that your right though some people breeze through it though!

    Cannot wait to see how the comp goes. I am sure you will kill it!

  7. Only 3 more weeks, that's so exciting!
    Curious about the suit :)

    I'm competing (in bikini) for the first time next year so that will be my first prep, i've never dieted a day in my life so it will be whole new territory!

    1. I'll post a pic of me in my suit closer to the show date. ;)

      When do you start prep? Best of luck to you!

  8. You're allowed to be crabby, I sure would be!

    Anyway, you are so close, how exciting! I love getting anything in the mail, it's like Christmas all the time! I used liquid sun rays my first show I believe. Well, the spray tanner guy did. I liked it, thought it looked like more of a natural color than the kind used in the second show.