Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prep Update: 2 Weeks Out from the Maryland Show!

The Maryland show is coming up fast! J and I recorded a video update about how prep is going, how we feel, and what we're most looking forward to after the show.

If you're in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area, we'd love to meet you at the show! Check out for show information!


  1. Three things! No, four!
    1. thanks for the video you guys!
    2. I LOL'd at the gallon jug...sorry
    3. You both look great! Neither of you appears excessively tired or anything.
    4. Thank you, J, for stating that seeing changes you've never seen (definition) is indicative of being in the best shape you've been in. I am seeing TONS of stuff I've never seen before!! yay!!!

  2. awwwww,loved the video,and yes,both of you dont really look as tired as yall say you do!,lol!

    keep at the hard work guys!!!
    2 weeks will fly by and everything will be worth it!

  3. It's almost time!! eeeekkkk!!!!


  4. IT's fun to see you guys interact... awww date night. Too cute! <3 You both do look really great, healthy, not depleted. Great work, guys!

  5. I sure wish I was still in Richmond. I would come to your competition for sure.

  6. Do you have any info on your diet? Thank you for the raw, transparent video about the ups and downs. :-)

    1. At this point, I'm following a keto-type diet. It's customized for me and how my body responds. Feel free to contact Jerry about custom diets!

  7. Love the video updates, the countdown has really begun now! And yeey for date night :)