Monday, August 27, 2012

Meeting Jay Cutler

This past weekend was so. much. FUN!!! It was the weekend of the Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic show in Maryland, and even though J and I weren't competing, we were still looking forward to this show for two big reasons:

  1. Rich Siegelman, the Maryland NPC Chairman and promoter of the show, asked J and me if we could pick up Jay Cutler from the airport on Friday night and bring him to the host hotel. Um YES!!
  2. We would be working with our sponsor, Big Big Formula, at the show expo. FUN!!
The weekend was shaping up to be an awesome experience!

Star Struck
As J and I sat listening to the live band at the Baltimore airport (weird, right?!), we both admitted that we were really nervous to spend some quality one-on-one time with Jay.

"Cruise" band playing at BWI
We both agreed not to ask a million questions so as not to come across as annoying fans (which we totally are!). While J worried about what to talk about, I worried about all the dog hair and glitter on the seat in my car. I hoped Jay wouldn't mind a little dog hair and glitter on his butt. I decided that since he has dogs, he'd prolly be ok with it.

When we saw him enter the baggage claim area, we both pretended to be really cool and calm (I think we hid the spastic-ness fairly well). Jerry wanted a pic of them together to post on the show event page on Facebook, so I snapped their picture as we headed to the car.

Jerry and his Idol, Jay Cutler
I discovered that Jay Cutler takes up 1.5 seats in my little Jetta. He and J kept bumping elbows over the center console because apparently Jettas aren't designed for 225+lb bodybuilders. It turns out that since Jay is also from New England, he and Jerry had a lot of acquaintances in common. They talked non-stop about people they knew from "back home" all the way to the hotel. I thought it was so cool that the top bodybuilder in the world was chatting with my boyfriend like he was just another guy from home. My already high opinion of Jay increased exponentially.

Big boyz!
When we got to the hotel, we got Jay checked in, then went out to eat with Rich and a few other people who were also working at the show.

Big Bitches
On Saturday, we arrived at the venue early and hung out at the Big Bitch Formula (BBF) table all day. We got to know the rest of the BBF crew and had a blast together! Everyone is so nice! Jerry and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of people and to support a product we genuinely believe in.

BBF Table
BBF Girlz
Jerry and me
Our table just happened to be RIGHT NEXT to Jay Cutler's table! What are the odds?! So we basically got to hang out next to him all day. So. Cool.

Me and Jay
Shawn Ray and Jay
BBF Crew and Jay
It was a long, hot (AC was broken at the venue) day, but so much fun! When we headed out, we said goodbye to Jay and he kissed me on the cheek!! ZOMG!!! Best. Day. EVAR.


  1. What an exciting weekend! By the way, You and Jerry look fantastic and make an adorable couple! You look like you made to stand next to each other.

  2. Jerry is a beast!! I guess Jay is too ;)

    I'm so glad you had such a great weekend! Love all of the pics!


  3. That is so cool that you guys got to meet him one on one. I LOVED how you guys tried to play it cool. I am not sure I would have held it together so well. :)

  4. Holy Toledo, Kari! So totally cool!!! ROck on!

  5. "J kept bumping elbows over the center console because apparently Jettas aren't designed for 225+lb bodybuilders" Hilarious!!

  6. Sounds like you had an exciting few days!!! I'm sure the experience was priceless!!! :)
    I'm going to look up Big Bitch Formula too!
    Nicky Molski from Stevens Point, WI.

  7. So great to see you & Jerry Saturday! Thanks for introducing me to the owners of Big Bitch Formula!

    I totally didn't know what to say to JAY CUTLER when I met him during pre judging! I felt like such a nerd! Hahaha! I've been following his career since to 90's... Oh, I'm old! Ugh

    You and Jerry looked great representing BBF!

    Love ya,