Monday, August 20, 2012

Obnoxious Neon

I've written several times about my tendency to resist trends until I absolutely can't resist them or my curiosity gets the best of me. Just recently, I jumped on the headband bandwagon and discovered an easy (yet cute) way of keeping the fly-aways off my face when I train. Back in 2010, I finally jumped off the all-white running shoe bandwagon and expanded into the black running shoe. And now, with the trendy colors of summer harkening back to 1992, I decided I needed to jump on the bright colored shoe bandwagon.

Hence, I purchased the brightest possible shoe I could find!

I really really really wanted the Tiffany blue color, but couldn't find them and didn't want to spend a gazillion dollars special ordering them online from Nike.

Obsession with Tiffany Blue
So I settled for Obnoxious Pink.

Obnoxious but oh so cute!
I get lots of comments at the gym about them.

"There's the bright shoe girl!"

"You can really see ya coming from a mile away!"

"Cool shoes!"

My official response?

"Thanks! I'm trying to be trendy!" Which I realize makes me completely NON-trendy. It's like if you have to tell someone that you're cool or a badass, you really aren't; you're just a poser.

As I've mentioned before, I have a difficult time finding shoes that actually fit my feet correctly. I even went to the running store to get properly fitted. And guess what fit me best? The ugliest shoes in the store. The sales guy didn't understand why I kept asking him if they had any "cute" shoes in the store. I decided to save my money and instead buy some "cute" shoes that aren't appropriate for cardio. Yeah, smart, I know.

So I wear my trendy shoes when I train, and then switch to my practical shoes for cardio. Totally inefficient and ridiculous - I agree. But that's the price I'm willing to pay in order to join the neon colored shoe trend.

Do you have shoes in any of the latest, trendy colors? Do they actually fit your feet?


  1. I struggle with cute shoes too! I wear a women's 12 and have really narrow feet.! They only come in the ugly colors. Olive green, baby poop brown, baby poop yellow, or scar tissue grey... it's really sad. So when I find cute shoes, which is rare. I gotta have em and I usually wear them out because it takes me that long to find another cute pair.

  2. No worries, I'm right there with you in my boring running shoes. The first time I went to the running store to get fitted, I was soooo hoping they would tell me that Mizuno was my best fit. Nope. Brooks. Oh well, I just buy hideously bright running clothes to compensate for my boring shoes! ha!

  3. I train in Vibrams which is probably even worse/more trendy! ;D

    1. I've yet to jump on the Vibram bandwagon, although I haven't heard anything bad about them at all. I just think I'd look like a frog for some reason. LOL

  4. I love the obnoxious neon colors that are out now! I have a pair of lime green shoes & I love them!


  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kinsei 4's by Asics. I have the mosaic color. So the shoes are about 5 different neon colors. They are SUPER Bright and the shoes are mismatched so they really stand out. I love seeing the bright colors in the mirror at the gym! Check them out!! Google Kinsei 4 and click on images. You should be able to see a picture of them. I love your blog by the way!!!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!
    Nicky Molski, Stevens Point, WI

    1. Glad you like my blog - thanks for reading! Those Asics shoes are obnoxiously bright! I love them!

  6. Ooh, those are CUTE! I tend to wear obnoxious things to the gym because...well I can! :) You're adorable and I am glad to know there is someone 'as coo' as me out there. :D

  7. I love the bright colors! Those would brighten anyone's mood :)

  8. My gym attire is so BORING. I need to get on this bandwagon. Or, really, any bandwagon. haha!

  9. I seriously want the obnoxiously orange pair!