Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Krav Mag-OW!

Ever since I was young, I've loved doing anything athletic. I've played tennis and softball, participated in cheerleading, danceline, and ballet, and was an avid in-line skater for many years. I've been weight training for 15 years and just recently began practicing yoga. The one thing I've always wanted to do but have never done is to take martial arts classes.

Groupon (oh I love thee so!) offered me that opportunity a few months ago. I purchased a pass that allowed me to take up to 30 classes at various gyms in the DC area. The classes include a variety of martial arts, some fitness classes, and yoga. This was the chance I'd be waiting for! I could finally take some martial arts classes at a decent price without a long-term commitment! Win-win!

Because I need to take the classes around my usual training time, Wednesday evenings or weekend are my only options. I've taken three classes of Krav Maga and love it! I think it's very important for everyone, especially women, to learn some self-defense moves. Thus far, I've learned several punches and kicks, and how to break free and gain the upper hand from choke holds and headlocks. Poor J is always nervous when I come home from class, because I immediately want to practice the moves on him.

The downside to taking this class is that out of the three classes, I've gotten injured in two of them. Not a good track record so far!

The day after my first class, my left wrist swelled up and really hurt to move. I ended up buying a wrist brace and wearing it for a few days until the swelling and pain went away. Apparently, my wrist wasn't used to a bunch of "hammer fist" punches.

I bought the black brace.
Last Wednesday, during warm ups in class, I was leap frogging over my partner and landed with my right ankle rolled inward. It immediately hurt, but I rolled it around and kept going with the class. We did a lot of kicking exercises and it didn't bother me much. Until I woke up the next morning. It was stiff and very sore in the exact same place where I'd broken it in college cheerleading.

I dug out an old ankle brace (yes, I have random braces lying around the house), laced it up, and wore my Docs to work. One of the physical therapists at the gym looked at it on Friday and informed me that it's a slight sprain. Sigh.

I've been wearing the brace every day, taking ibuprofin periodically to help with the swelling, and icing it every night.

For some reason, Ed likes to lick the ice pack. He does the cutest things!
We've had to modify my training routine because most of my workouts include jumping and plyo exercises. I haven't missed any workouts, and I'm so thankful that J has such a wide range of knowledge. He's been able to find exercises that don't irritate my ankle, yet are effective for my goals.

I'm frustrated that I'm injured and am hoping the sprain heals quickly. I want to continue taking Krav classes and to get back into my regular workout routine at the gym. I'm being cautious, though, because I don't want to rush back into things and then injure myself even worse.

Have you gotten injured while training or taking a class? How did you deal with it? Have you ever taken any martial arts classes? Which ones and did you enjoy them?


  1. The pic of Ed licking the ice pack is priceless...lol!


  2. i did kickboxing classes in my gym, they were amazing! it was more like a HIIT bodyweight workout, rope jumping, kicks, punches, sprinting, workouts with a tire and ropes. super intense, but ofc, we didnt train to compete one day. try it! (btw, i didnt have any injuries, just puking after every class :P)

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