Friday, November 30, 2012

No Muss No Fuss Thanksgiving

It's officially the Holiday season! One of my most favoritest times of the year (besides summer and my birthday, which should be a National Holiday, in my opinion).

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. For the past few years, J and I have been going to a Thanksgiving buffet at a cute bar and grill in downtown DC. We don't travel to see our families because we'll be seeing them in a few weeks for Christmas. Also, have you SEEN holiday traffic in DC? Ridic.

Because we both live the fitness lifestyle and are always following relatively structured meal plans, it makes more sense for us to go out to eat for ONE meal and not have to deal with extra food and leftovers that we won't eat after that meal anyway. Also, have you ever seen a bodybuilder eat? It's more like a constant shoveling process from food to plate. I'd be crushed to see hours and hours of labor in the kitchen vanish into J's mouth in a mere 10 minutes.

Everything in DC is expensive. Except for the Thanksgiving buffet. It's $30 per person, which averages out to be cheaper than buying all the fixings separately only to have a zillion leftovers we couldn't eat.

We got dressed up and headed down to Dupont Circle. The buffet didn't disappoint. After 3 weeks of following a zero carb diet, I thoroughly enjoyed everything the buffet had to offer! I had two helpings of sweet potato pie (my favorite!) and several desserts, including pumpkin pie and pecan pie. We had a wonderful time! Later in the afternoon, we went to see Red Dawn at the movie theatre. Action for J, eye candy for me. Win-win!

J and me after a delicious Thanksgiving meal
Neither J nor I felt any guilt about our Thanksgiving meal. Why would or should we?! We didn't do anything wrong! We didn't associate any emotions with the food; it was quite simply a tasty meal with good company. We both had protein shakes for our meals later in the evening, and continued following our meal plans the next day.

I've seen so many posts online lately about "how to eat for the holidays" and why you should or should not feel guilty for eating a meal. Quite frankly, I'm so over it! It's JUST food! I understand that there are emotions attached to it and one meal can quickly spiral into an out of control binge for some people. But I firmly believe if you have a plan and goals, your ONE meal won't be a big deal. I knew my sugar cravings would kick in after the meal, so I had prepared myself to deal with them. Because I was prepared, I didn't feel lost and out of control when the cravings began. I just popped in a piece of gum, drank some water, or ate my next clean meal.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! I'm already looking forward to Christmas!


  1. Y'all are so cute! Love you two!


  2. I didn't cook this year either! We sure missed you this Thanksgiving!

  3. Love it! Enjoy life, not just food. :) You guys are adorable!

  4. Such good advice! Being prepared for the sugar cravings knowing they will come and that helps combat eating more crap! I'm in NOVA! So fun!