Monday, January 14, 2013

Google is Your Friend

If you have a question about something, what's the first thing you do to get information?

I'm prolly gonna date myself by saying this, but when I was growing up, the only ways to get information was from printed materials. The card catalog in the library was comprised of actual cards: little index cards that contained book and periodical information. In order to help us kids with school reports, my parents made the investment to buy the entire 1988 series of World Book Encyclopedia, complete with gold leaf finishing (far superior to Encyclopedia Britannica!). A few years later, they also purchased a few "problem solving" books that World Book released. If we had a question, my parents always encouraged us to do some research before they would just give us the answer. When I joined the workforce, I was also encouraged to do research before asking my managers questions they knew I could answer on my own. By doing my own research, oftentimes, I learned more than I would have if someone had just answered my question immediately.

Now that we have the world at our fingertips - literally - it's SO much easier to find information! While watching movies or TV shows at home, I often pull up IMDB to look up actors or facts about the program. While having a conversation with someone, I can do a quick Google search on my phone to help me prove a point or find additional information about the topic. It is SO EASY to find information now!

Yet I continue to see people asking simple questions, wasting the time of others who go through the effort of answering. This is one of my biggest pet peeves! It's not only rude, it's LAZY. These are the kinds of questions I'm referring to:
  • Can you tell me the website of XYZ product? (
  • What is XYZ?
  • What's the difference between ABC and XYZ?
Srsly?! They couldn't take TWO seconds to Google the website? Or the 10 seconds to look up what XYZ is? Bet it's on the website! And the difference between products? Again, I bet it's on the website!!

Now I'm all worked up and need a moment to get my breathing under control.

Inhale, exhale.

One of my most favoritest things in the world is Google. Google is my friend. Google is your friend too! Google is EVERYONE'S friend!

Keeping in mind my goals for prep, I've been trying to remain positive and friendly. But I can tell my patience level is dropping from my usual barely tolerant to zero patience with rudeness, stupidity, and laziness. From now on, any time I encounter a question I KNOW the person could answer by themselves just by taking a few minutes, I'm going to reply with this: " and you're welcome!"

Have you seen or heard any questions like the ones above? How do you feel when you see them? Do you take the time to reply? Do you think I'll make it through prep without becoming super crabby? LOL

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