Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nothing to Fear

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Lately, I've been hearing people say that they're "afraid of prep." This baffles me, because how can prep be scary? It doesn't involve anything different than the usual fitness lifestyle: gym and diet.

Prep is easy because it's a routine. It's some variation of: get up, do cardio, eat, eat, eat, train, do cardio, eat, eat, go to bed. Srsly, how difficult is that?! What is scary about doing cardio, training, and eating?

When I hear people talk about being "scared of prep," I wonder what they're really scared of. Success?

To me, prep is an exciting time! It's a journey of self introspection: discipline, courage, strength (mental and physical), and consistency.

I am the only one responsible for my own success.

How empowering is that?! I have the power to decide how consistent I will be, how hard I will train, how well I will follow my diet. It's up to me - no one else. No one else is going to standing on stage, holding my hand. It's going to be just me up there, showcasing my hard work and dedication. What an exhilarating feeling!

As I've mentioned before, I think of prep as unwrapping a beautiful present. You don't really know what's under the paper until you begin peeling away the layers. Each week of prep is like peeling away a layer of paper to get a glimpse of what you built in the off-season. Personally, I love presents! I love to unwrap them slowly, letting my anticipation and curiosity grow as I peel the paper away.

Once all the paper is peeled away, underneath you have a beautiful present: YOU! You can see the evidence of the past several weeks (or months) of prep. You're a lean, streamlined competitor, ready to shine on stage!

Prep is hard work, but why be afraid of hard work? Embrace it.When you break through barriers, enjoy the feeling of triumph. You deserve to be proud of yourself, to feel successful! I'm willing to bet that when you're standing on stage, you'll wonder why you were ever afraid of prep.

Have you heard anyone say they were afraid of prep? Have you felt that way? What were/are you afraid of and why?


  1. I've definitely been afraid of prep!! I've been afraid of not being strong enough to fit the urge to cheat, not having the strength to give 100% in my workouts, etc. I've also been afraid of giving up my chocolate!! ;)


  2. I LOVE prep! I take it on as a personal challenge. I have no doubt I will succeed, it's just a matter of what the end result will be this particular time around. And, I feel a bit like a science project, which is kinda fun. Tweak the diet every week or so, wait a couple days and wahlah I see the results on my physique. LOVE IT!

  3. i agree...

    how do you get over the HUNGER? what do you do to help yourself..that is the biggest obstacle for me.


  4. I'm right there with T on this one, I've definitely been scared of prep.
    I have the hardest time with the depleted feeling and my work schedule. By the time work is over, I'm already so mentally exhausted that if I'm having to push my weak body... Its really difficult. And then there is managing the bitchy attitude/sobbing outbursts in regards to my wonderfully patient & kind husband. :/

  5. Just found your blog, love it! I am attempting to compete in my first figure competition at some point this year. I hired a coach and I'm about 3 months in to this process. I guess you could say I'm prepping right now although as of now I'm just trying to decrease the weight/fat before building up some muscle. Anyways, I do fear the prep phase too although I like having a schedule to stick to. I think it's just the fear of the unknown: "Will this work? Will this give me the results I'm looking for?" But you're right, we are in charge of our own bodies and our own success. Just gotta give it your all and not give up! I try to remain as positive as I can even though sometimes I really want to eat a jar of peanut butter and not a stalk of asparagus, ha! :)