Friday, February 22, 2013

Both Flagged and Failed

I've written about staying off the bandwagon of trends before, and then at some point succumbing to a handful of them. Well, I've officially hopped on yet another bandwagon: Flag Nor Fail clothes.
Some of you may be wondering what my reasons were for resisting. It's not like the owners, Dana and Rob Bailey, aren't great people! I even met Dana in person a few years ago when she was with Isolator, and she was super sweet and bubbly. My reason was much more nerdy than that: I had (and still have) an issue with their slogan.

"We shall not flag nor fail" was part of a speech given by Winston Churchill at the House of Commons in June 4, 1940, following the evacuation of the British and French armies from Dunkirk as the German tide swept through France in World War II.

My issue with the slogan is not the message of it: stay strong and never surrender. No, my issue is that they truncated the line so that it doesn't read grammatically correct. Without the negative before the word "flag," the entire line loses the original meaning. It implies that one WILL "flag" or tire. Ever the English language purist, I am reluctant to throw my support behind any company that doesn't follow proper grammar guidelines.

I know some of you are prolly shaking your heads and wondering what the heck is wrong with me, while others of you are nodding your head in agreement as I wax on and on about grammar. What can I say? Loves me some English! ;)

All of that being said, I finally fell prey to FnF's crafty marketing ploys: "We will drop special items at 10 pm EST and most have limited quantities in each size." Well, if that doesn't call to the impulse buying side of my brain, nothing does! The grammar purist in me BOTH flagged AND failed at resisting cute clothes.

Now let me tell you a story:

So there I sat at my computer on a Tuesday night at 9:58 pm, anxiously refreshing and refreshing their Store web page. Then I battled the internal debate:

Logical Kari: "I'm only going to buy this one item. Wonder what size I should get. Hmm ... Dana is wearing a Medium in that picture, and she's only an inch taller than me. Wonder if I need a Medium."

Illogical Kari: "You should get both a Small and a Medium. What if the size you order doesn't fit?"

Logical Kari: "I don't need two pairs of yoga pants. They're not even 4-way stretch like my Lulu's, which do wonderous things for my butt. In fact, I don't really need these pants at all."

Illogical Kari: "Those pants are so cute. You're going to regret it if you don't buy them. Just get the Small. That will encourage you NOT to gain weight after the show."

Logical Kari: "I can always use a new pair of pants." *clicks Add to Cart

Illogical Kari: "Wow! That cut-out sweatshirt is super cute! You should prolly get it to match the pants. You want to look cute at the gym, right?"

Logical Kari: "I do NOT need to spend that money on a sweatshirt I don't really need. I don't even know when I'd wear it. It's too warm to wear while training."

Illogical Kari: "Think of how cute and comfy it'd be. Also, it's hand cut, so it's a true original piece."

Logical Kari: "I don't need it. Plus now I have to pay separate shipping on it cuz it's not on the same order as the pants.

Illogical Kari: *clicks Add to Cart

And that, my friends, is how I ended up with both the yoga pants and the hand cut sweatshirt.

Stay Strong & Weather Your Storm
Never Catch Your Breath
I have to admit, both items ARE super cute and comfy! Plus, I like the catch phrases on them.

Do you follow any clothing lines like Flag nor Fail? Do you ever buy anything? Do you also find yourself continually refreshing their Store page when new items drop?


  1. Yeah, I fell for Flag nor Fail a while ago... but I haven't bought any of their stuff in a while. I like to say it's because I'm broke and showing self control... but it's really because I'm pregnant and couldn't stand not being able to wear things right away :-)

  2. I also have succumbed to them. I bought the gray yoga pants, though I had to cut 5" off because of my uber-shortness, lol. Love them!

  3. I am a sucker for FnF stuff! Although, I'm a weird fit, and I haven't had much luck w/ sizing.

    The truncated phrase rubbed me the wrong way at first, too. LOL!

  4. I love their stuff! I actually just got the same sweatshirt in the mail yesterday!! I just wish i would have got the medium and not the fits but i would have liked it a little more roomy ;) I got a t-shirt too :)

  5. Haha!! I'm an English major and I had a heated debate with my husband about this very issue!! I did, however, also succumb to the lure of FnF a few months ago. I need to make another order - I'm dying to get the gray yoga pants!

  6. While I agree the grammar is incorrect, the word "nor" prior to the latter does imply the word "Not" prior to the former. So any person reading it should still imply both are negative based on the word "nor", as otherwise it would say "flag not fail."

  7. Funny you bitch about grammar yet you wrote "prolly" instead of "probably."

  8. I, too, think it's funny that you soliloquize about grammar and include "prolly" - but I'm sure you're being ironic. However, as I'm sure Ms. Sweat Like a Pig's husband is aware, there is actually nothing improper about the grammar of the excerpted phrase. The meaning of "to flag" in this phrase makes it completely appropriate to drop the "we shall not" and retain its meaning.

    So, jump on the bandwagon and wear with pride!

    1. I am super pumped that someone used soliloquize in sentence.