Friday, February 8, 2013

Long Lost Photos

You ever have one of those moments when you find something you forgot about? That happened to me right before we left for Mexico a few weeks ago. When we put the camera card in the computer to clear it, we realized there were pictures on it from our show. From LAST June! We knew the pictures existed, but neither of us had really looked at them.

When we got back from Mexico, I looked through the pictures and was floored. I LOVE them!

J and I tried to line up a shoot at the last minute with Chris Zimmerman (I WILL shoot with him someday!), but due to scheduling conflicts, it didn't work out. So the morning after the show, we went into the hotel's fitness center and did our own photoshoot just using my point and shoot camera. The pictures turned out really well!

Here are a few of my favorites!

We had a blast shooting these pictures, and I'm so thrilled with them!


  1. the 6th one down is my favorite :)

  2. You looked fantastic! Love the darker hair on you.

  3. FYI - I was totally checking out your boyfriend :)

    Ya'll are HOT!!!


  4. yeah agree with the rest said!

    and if you and J ever have children one day,that kid will have genetics like no other!


  5. Great photos Kari! J's arms look huge in the second pic! hahaha...he reminds me of the Mr. Clean guy.

    Love the photo of you doing the concentration curl. You look great as usual. Genetics and hard work such a great combination!

    I concur with all the above statements.

  6. I love these photos! You have an amazing physique <3

  7. Beautiful Kari!! Great tan too... is it Liquid Sun Rays

    1. Thanks! Yep, my first time using LSR. LOVE the color and I'm definitely going to use them again this year!