Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Under the Weather

One of the main things J and I have been focusing on for the past couple years is not only looking healthy, but also being healthy. J has done a lot of research about vitamins, minerals, and supplements that have legitimate health benefits. As a result, we've added the following things to our daily regime: colloidal minerals, Coenzyme Q10, and Hot Beverage Nutrition. In addition, by keeping our diets mostly clean and training hard, we're keeping our bodies physically strong.

Hot Beverage Nutrition: Mixes great in my daily tea
We're confident our efforts are paying off, as both of us have managed to fight off most of the bugs that have taken a lot of others down. If we do get sick, we don't get as sick as others we know, and our bodies have been able to fight off the germs within a few days, without having to take antibiotics. (Have you ever noticed that during prescription drug commercials, the side effects they list often sound much worse than the actual issue the pill is designed for?) For most of my life, I'd get sick often - cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, strep. Since I've started focusing on my health, I discovered that I rarely get sick anymore.

I Blame the Nap
All of my health efforts are being tested this week. I somehow managed to pick up a bug this past weekend, and my body is fighting hard to get rid of it. I took a nap on Saturday afternoon and woke up with a very sore throat, which is always my first indicator of an oncoming illness. J earned Boyfriend Brownie points by going to CVS at 2 am on Saturday evening to pick up Chloraseptic and NyQuil so I could sleep without throat pain.

I dragged myself to work on Monday, but realized that it's not a good idea to come to work when hacking and feeling like a pile of dog pooh. Your co-workers will treat you like you have the plague because really - who wants to get sick?! I decided it would be more comfortable for everyone if I worked from home yesterday and today. (I'm so thankful my job allows me to work from home periodically!)

My co-workers today
Not the Average Person
When the average person gets sick, they may choose to stay home and not go to the gym. Since I'm far from the average person, I headed to the gym for my usual workout on Monday. The general rule of thumb is if the illness is throat up, hit the gym; if it's throat down, stay home. Most of my issues are in my sinuses and I'm in the middle of contest prep, so I mentally prepared myself to push through my workout.

Being the wonderful coach that he is, J took my cold into account when he designed my workouts for Monday and Tuesday. He dialed the intensity back a bit so as not to overtax my body. I was able to make it through my workouts and cardio to stay on track with prep. My diet has also been on point, as usual. Being sick is no excuse to stop following my contest diet. In fact, it's even more important to consume those healthy nutrients now.

Hopefully, my body is strong enough to fight this cold without the aid of antibiotics. Taking good care of our bodies is so important for long-term health, strength, and quality of life. I'm not letting this cold get the best of me; I'm continuing to put quality food, vitamins, and supplements into it to help it stay strong and get healthy again!

Do you get sick very often? Have you ever been sick during contest prep? Which vitamins and supplements do you use and believe in?

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon Kari. I don't get sick to often, so I hate it when I do. I have no patience for sick people (lol..including myself) At least you have the smarts to stay home instead of spreading your germs all around, so many people don't. Feel better soon!