Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Arnold Expo, Part 1

This past weekend, J and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio. Some of you may remember that I competed in the Arnold Amateur in 2010 (and placed 4th in my height class!). In the years following, we just go to the Expo the whole weekend.

For additional reading material and pictures from previous years, I have helpfully provided links to my posts. Because I'm helpful like that. And I have some cool pictures in those posts.

2013 Experience

The original plan was to drive to Columbus early Friday morning to get to the Expo in time for Pro Figure pre-judging at noon. However, on late Thursday evening as we were finishing packing, we both looked at each other and realized that we'd be utterly exhausted if we tried to leave at 4am, as planned. Since I'm in prep and do AM cardio every day, I had planned to get up at 2:30am in order to do cardio before we left. NOT an ideal plan by any means! We decided to leave at 11 pm and just drive through the night (J is a night owl anyway). And so we hit the road and drove all night, arriving in Columbus at 6 am. We checked into the hotel and slept for a few hours, then headed to the Expo.

Parking was atrocious. It felt like we parked in Guam and then had to trek miles in sub-zero temperatures just to reach the Convention Center. Srsly. Ohio is COLD!

By the time we got our tickets and wristbands, and waded through the throngs of people in the Expo Hall, 1st callouts for Pro Figure were already done. I was so disappointed, but tried to look on the bright side of things; I did catch 2nd callouts and also the physique comparisons for Fitness.

Pro Figure Pre-Judging
My Fav IFBB Pro, Tanji Johnson!
The rest of the afternoon, we wandered around the Expo. I have a bunch of pictures that I'll post in Part 2. For now, here's a video that J put together about our experience.

 Stay tuned for more in Part II and Part III!

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  1. It was so great to meet you in person!!!! You're even more beautiful! :-) Thank you for all you do, for all you share - you're an incredible inspiration! Best Wishes!! Chelle