Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Arnold Expo, Part II

I know I'm a few weeks late, but here is Part II of my Arnold experience! (Have you read Part I yet?)

When I saw that we went to the Arnold, what I mean is that we went to the Expo. We didn't pay to watch any of the shows and we didn't go to any of the parties. We simply walked around the Expo Hall Friday through Sunday. We met new people, we said hi to friends we haven't seen in awhile, we took some pictures with our fitness celebrity crushes, and we collected some free swag.

Here is our experience ... in pictures!


Nicole Nagrani, Ms Bikini Olympia 2011 is one of the sweetest people in the industry!

Steve Kuclo, my fitness celebrity crush

I was surprised to meet Chelle, one of my favorite bloggers, in person! Check out her blog:

WWE Superstar, Aksana, aka Živilė Raudonienė, who won the Figure Arnold in 2009

J with his fitness celebrity crush, Nikola Weiterova

IFBB Men's Physique Pro, Mark Anthony Wingston
The famous Dana Lynn Bailey

Jose Raymond and I had a bicep showdown. I've almost got him in size. Haha!

Flag nor Fail crew

We ran into Dusty Hanshaw!

Big Mike O'Hearn
My fellow BioS3 teammate, Jenny!

Caption This!

Representing Big Bitch Formula at the Arnold!

Look at the huge grin on Jenny's face! She's in awe of Jay Cutler.

I met up with online friends! Heather and Michele

Another online friend: Robin!

Another online friend: Jen!
The Animal booth always puts on some fun events

Yum! My favorite bars!

Many booths have creative marketing techniques

I got to watch (online) my friend, Tanji Johnson, win the Fitness show and finally get to shake Arnold's hand
I realized I have a TON of pictures! For more, check out Part III!

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