Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Arnold Expo, Part III

I have a bunch more pictures from the Arnold, so here is Part III (Have you checked out Part I and Part II yet? If not, you prolly should do that right now.).


Entrance to the Expo

Saturday is always the busiest day

Never leave home unprepared! We brought all our food with us for the weekend. J lugged this cooler around with him every day in the Expo hall.
Our good friend, Dave Pulcinella, and his beautiful lady, Kaila

Winner of Ms Fitness International, Tanji Johnson!

Felicia Romero chatted with us for quite awhile

The Warrens! Trish and Branch. I told him his arm looks huge!

Candice Lewis was very sweet and took time to chat.

The famous and inspirational Tosca Reno

IFBB Men's Physique Pro, Craig Capurso

Heather Dees, 2nd place at the Figure International

We ran into these two beautiful BioS3 teammates!

BioS3 teammate, Katie, and me with Amanda Latona

Candice Keene, Ms. Figure International

Online friend and fellow Minnesotan, Jerome Dinh

We meant to leave around noon on Sunday, but didn't end up heading out until about 2 pm. We're glad we stayed, though, because we ran into quite a few more people we wanted to talk to.

Jess Paxson - beautiful inside and out

Yeshaira Robles, Bikini Pro

J and me with Rob Bailey of Flag nor Fail

More online friends! Lindsay, Heather, Michele, Ashleigh

Jay remembered us from last year when we picked him up from the airport!

Jaime Baird, Bikini Pro

Oksana Grishina, 2nd place in the Fitness International

Camala Rodriguez and Adela Garcia

Diana Graham, Bikini Pro

We ran into our friend Brad Rowe and his beautiful lady, Stephanie
The famous Ah-nold! Second from the left
The end of another fun and exhausting Arnold weekend!
Did you go to the Arnold this year? What was your favorite part?


  1. Looks like tons and tons of fun! :) You guys are adorable!

  2. LOve the pics, thanks for a little inside stuff.