Friday, March 22, 2013

Prep Update: 6 Weeks Out!

As of tomorrow, I will officially be 6 weeks out from the Pittsburgh show. Time seems to be flying! I've gotten several questions lately about prep, progress, and how I've been feeling.

I gotta be honest ... two weeks ago was the first time I was actually happy with my progress pictures.

I'm impatient by nature and just want to be stage ready already! I also realize it takes time and there's a process to follow. And that process is working. So here's what's been going on this week ...

For a few weeks, I seemed to be stuck at one weight. I was getting frustrated with my lack of progress, and explained to J how I was feeling. He added 4 minutes of cardio to my daily plan. That's it: 4 minutes. I was skeptical about it actually working, but was once again reminded of the fact that he really knows his stuff. My weight started dropping and my body tightened up. I was relieved and excited.

Last weekend marked 7 straight weeks of the keto diet. I was reaching the point of mentally cracking. My mouth watered whenever I smelled food. I was worried that I'd unconsciously reach out and grab something that wasn't on my diet, and then not realize it until later. I was having dreams that I'd accidentally cheated on my diet. In short, I was reaching my mental cracking point.

J and I had a discussion, he checked out my weight and progress, and determined that a treat meal on Sunday night would be a good idea. O.M.G. I hadn't anticipated getting any treat meals at all! (See how I did that? Set myself up to not be disappointed if I didn't get one.) He told me what the meal should be and when to eat it.

And you guys? It. Was. SOOOO. Good. I savored every bite!

After that one meal, I was back on my diet, but felt renewed. I felt mentally ready to tackle the next 7 weeks. The only difficult hurdle was shifting back into ketosis. I felt great for the first half of Monday, then started to feel worse in the afternoon. Tuesday was a tough day - I was tired and my body was fighting the shift (like it always does). I felt a little better on Wednesday, and much better yesterday.

The best part? I was up 3 lbs on Monday from the meal, and by Wednesday, I was down 4 lbs. So the meal clearly spiked my metabolism and sped up the fat burning process. Win-win!

The biggest factor for me feeling well is sleep. I need to get at least 7 or more hours of sleep per night, or I have a tough time functioning during the day. My body either feels heavy and draggy, or I feel sleepy. The days I feel the best are the days I get 8 or more hours of sleep. Then it almost doesn't feel like I'm dieting - I have energy, I'm alert, and I'm in a good mood. I'm making it a new goal to get plenty of sleep for the next 6 weeks. I truly believe that will make the biggest difference in how I feel and my frame of mind.

Training & Posing
Training has been going well. I'm able to push myself to my limits during each workout. This is important to me, because I only have a limited amount of time before the show - each workout counts and needs to be intense. Some days I get to the gym and wonder how I'm going to make it through my workout. But ya know what? I make it through every single time. Mind over matter.

I've started teaching posing classes to J's other Figure clients. I feel like posing is huge part of competitions - how you present yourself and your body is a factor in how you are scored on stage. Why go through all the time, energy, sacrifices of prep only to present yourself poorly on stage? Practice makes perfect!

This weekend we're going to watch the NPC Baltimore Gladiator Cup show near Baltimore. I love that there are so many shows within driving distance! (That was not the case when I lived in Montana!) I'm looking forward to meeting a few people in person with whom I chat online.

This week, I need to make hotel reservations, sign up for my shows, and start making travel arrangements for Jr. USA's. Time is flying!

Do you have any questions about my prep or anything I've mentioned here? I'm more than happy to answer them!


  1. Kari, you mention you do a ketogenic diet to prep for your shows. Whats your typical day like nutrition wise?

    1. I eat 4-5 meals a day and each meal contains protein and fats. Some meals also contain veggies. I don't have any direct carb sources in my diet.