Monday, April 8, 2013

A Very Expensive Day

Anyone who tells you that competing isn't expensive is lying to you.

As a procrastinator by nature, I hadn't booked anything for either of my shows up until last week. People kept asking me where I was staying, when I was getting tanned, etc., and I had to hide my annoyance.

I'm procrastinating, people! Let me procrastinate!

Until finally I decided that if I didn't make some reservations and bookings soon, there'd be nothing left over from the on-the-ball, non-procrastinators. So I made a list and started booking things.

I heart lists.
It was a VERY expensive day. My credit card is still weeping.

We now have flight and hotel accommodations for both shows. I just need to register for them yet. (Hey, I still need SOME things to procrastinate about!) I also booked my trip to Minnesota to visit my family after my shows. I'm so excited! By that time, I will have a new niece/nephew to meet!

I also still need to buy hair extensions. Last year, I bought a Jessica Simpson full head extension (which I love!), but this year, I'd like to try individual wefts. I'm still keeping my hair jet black, but I think the individual pieces may create a slightly different look.

Luckily, I don't need to buy a new suit or shoes this year. I'm going to wear my (BEAUTIFUL) suit I bought last year, and my shoes are still clean and look new.

Other expenses? I don't think I need any more material items. I'll wear the same jewelry I always wear. I may need some skin prep materials for tanning, but those aren't too expensive. I have my final hair and waxing appointments set, but I need to schedule my nail appointment yet. I always get a full set of acrylics because I like not having to worry about nails popping off on show day. Sometimes I get white tips done on my toenails and sometimes I just paint them at home. I'll probably get white tips done again this year.

Whew! Just thinking bout all these expenses makes my heart jump into my throat. I don't even pay to have my hair and makeup done - those would be even more expenses to account for!

But, like any hobby, the expenses are necessary. Skiing, golf, and hockey aren't cheap hobbies either, especially at the elite level. At the end of the day, you just have to ask yourself if it's all worth it. And to me, it's most definitely all worth it! I love this sport!

Do you have any tips for competing on a budget? Do you use hair extensions in wefts also? What has been your experience with them? Are they worth it?

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