Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Own Inspiration

Last year when I was prepping for the Maryland show, I spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest, looking up recipes and drooling over pictures of food. I realized it was not a healthy thing to be doing, but I couldn't seem to stop. Because of that, I've avoided it for the past several months. Just recently, I was looking for an image, and thought I'd see if I could find any on Pinterest.

Two hours later, I resurfaced.

Ok, so it wasn't two hours later, but it was definitely a longer time than I'd realized. I started reading through all the images I have posted on my Motivation board (read about the difference between motivation and inspiration) when I realized that I could make my OWN inspirational images!

I am my own inspiration!

With the help of my new favorite app, InstaCollage, I've created a few "Fitspiration" images of my own!

Not only do these images keep me motivated to keep pushing myself, they're also a fun way to pass the time while I'm doing cardio! Win-win!

If you have some photos of yourself, have some fun creating inspirational images too! YOU are your OWN inspiration!


  1. Love the pictures! You are so fun and awesome.

  2. OH MAN, THIS IS AWESOME!!!! AMEN!!! I totally agree, you are your own inspiration as well as one to many, including me. The last one was my favorite and really spoke to me "either you DO IT or you don't." Thank you for posting this.

  3. How can I even get to that physique? You look so great

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