Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Honest Truth

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
~ Spencer Johnson

Let's be honest: honesty can be tough! Sometimes it's so much easier to tell a half truth or to evade the truth for one reason or another. But when it comes down to your fitness goals, honesty is imperative to success.

When you have a diet and training plan, do you follow it exactly? Or do you add or subtract things periodically? If you do make changes to the plan, do you tell your trainer or coach? If you don't tell them, why not?

We hire coaches to help us achieve our fitness goals. We pay money for their expertise. So why not be honest with them? Why not try to get the BEST results you can by working with them?

My coach, Jerry Ward with BioS3 Training, talks about why it's so important to be honest with your coach.

Did you catch the part where he says that by not being honest, you're only hurting yourself? Coaches want the best for their clients, but being dishonest with your coach only sets YOU back from reaching your goals. When you're honest with your coach, they have all the right information to help you achieve your goals. They can make informed decisions about your diet and training that will benefit you. They're not judging you in any way; they're simply helping you. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your coach.

Are you 100% honest with your coach? Did you identify with anything Jerry talks about in the video? Have you heard of others who conceal important information from their coaches?

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