Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Countdown to Jr USA's: 3 Days Out

In only 3 more days, I will be standing on stage at Jr USA's in Charleston, SC!! I am so excited about the show!!

I'm feeling more relaxed and calm about this show than I was before the Pittsburgh show. Mainly because I felt overwhelmed with the amount of errands and things I had to do before we went to that show. This time, I was able to get the jump start on tasks and errands ahead of time.

My suitcase is nearly packed - I keep all of my contest things together (sheets, towels, hair supplies, makeup supplies, clothes for after getting tanned), so it's quick and easy to pack everything. I even remembered to pack my stretchy band to pump up backstage (I usually forget it and end up swiping someone else's for a few minutes before going on stage). I have a lot of my food cooked and packaged already too. I have a bit more cooking to do, but it shouldn't take long.

I'm happy with the look I'm bringing to the stage, and that alone makes me feel like a winner.

J'adore hot pink!
We're flying to Charleston, SC on Friday. Shortly after we get there, we'll check into the hotel, check into the show, and then relax until my tanning appointment. The hotel is attached to the venue, which is the best setup, in my opinion. I'm all about convenience!

The day after the show is my birthday!! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

We're staying in Charleston on Sunday and then fly out on Monday morning. I'm so excited to have my Birthday Breakfast the morning after the show! Then we'll spend the remainder of the day sight-seeing.

For those of you who've been to Charleston, do you have any tourist recommendations? What are some fun things to do or must-see things while we're there?


  1. Oh my word, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I really look up to your commitment to the sport and to yourself. You are gorgeous and I'm stoked to see you take the stage again!!! Even if it is via photo!
    Good luck Kari!! I'll be so excited to follow your journey this weekend!!!

  2. I live very near Charleston, is the show at the North Charleston Center? Sunday is supposed to be warm and not rain til afternoon so a trip to the Battery and waterfront park would be nice and free. Take a stroll over to the Old Slave Market and check ot the vendors and sweetgrass baskets. Great restaurants in the Holy City and plenty to see if you are into history.

  3. An exciting time for you Kari! Good luck. You are right, whether you bring home a trophy or not, you are a winner.