Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Avoid Post-Contest Weight Gain

It's a common thing both in the fitness industry and in the mainstream ... someone goes on a diet for a period of time, achieves their goal (competition or goal weight), and then a few months later, has gained all the weight back and maybe then some.

Why does this happen? There are many reasons, but the simplest one is this: the "diet" didn't become a "lifestyle"; therefore, it was a short-term fix for bigger issues.

I'll be the first to admit that I've fallen into this mindset plenty of times after show. Even when I have a post-comp plan to follow, I still fall off the train tracks and wander around in the weeds for awhile before realizing I need to make some changes before getting back on the train.

J came up with a really good analogy about how to tackle diet, training, and cardio after a show. Since I'm a visual learner (and I figured many of you are as well), I made a video explaining the concept.

I'm asking for YOUR support! And if you're competing soon, please let me know so we can all support each other.

Have you ever fallen off the cliff or taken the rocky way down? What was your experience? Do you have any stories or helpful hints to share?


  1. I'm with you on this one. I have never focused so much on post contest as I have this prep. I crashed and burned WAY too hard last year.

    Best of luck this weekend!!!!! :-)

  2. I definitely took the rocky way down, but feel that I could have gained a lot more than I did. I think that I was not educated enough about what post-prep would be like.. and I think I also obsessed too much during prep about all the foods I "couldn't" have, even though pre-prep, I wouldn't have even wanted those things.
    I think you are 100% on the lifestyle. It needs to be your lifestyle if you want any kind of post-comp control.

    I'm really looking forward to trying this again, and taking a less-stressful approach to my prep.

    And again, canNOT wait to root for you this weekend!! Sending you wishes of calm nerves and solid poise this weekend!!! :)

  3. I plan on doing the same. Reverse diet. We hand this! Focused and driven before, and after!

  4. Kari,

    Thank you so much for this video. I am 22 days away from my first figure competition and 2nd overall show since 2006. I've made amazing progress over the past 5 months and luckily my trainer has a post competition plan that I never had before. Thank you for the tips, advice and good luck in the USA's this weekend, you'll do great.


  5. thank you so much for posting!!!! i REALLY needed to hear this TODAY, as i am 2 weeks post show and starting to feel frumpy and balh.i have always preached the reverse diet,seeing as my very first show i went down that "crash and burn" wasnt took me a few more shows to really *get* how to come off a competition and not gain a gazillion pounds back.
    seeing this video just reiterates what i have to do now.(um,get myself back in check!!!)what helps me out as well is making several mini goals,NOT comp related,such as getting faster in 5ks,adding more cross training,getting faster in a 1/2 marathon,etc....the running goals keeps me accountable to not get much weight back. i know that if i eat like crap,i will run like crap!this helps with that "lost" feeling after a show as well!!!!
    again,thank you for posting--just the shove i needed to make put down the nutella and start grilling chicken again!
    AND i would wish you luck tomorrow,but your a natural at doubts you are going to shine on stage!!!!!
    cant wait for a recap!!!!

  6. Hi Melissa,

    Would love to discuss with you further as my competition was this past weekend. One week later and I feel awful.


  7. I can't thank you enough for this video, I am post- one week out from competition and this week has been horrible, I feel awful and look awful. I seriously look like I am ready to give birth. I feel like I am retaining so much water, my ankles hurt. Ahhhh!! I know what I need to do, and your video reiterates what I need to do. Thank you so much!! I am getting back on track right now!!!

  8. Thanks!!! I am one week out and have thrown on 15 pounds!!!! I lost my mind! but today I started back on my competition diet and was just about to forego cardio for the day (I went straight back to training but have slacked on the cardio) and now this video has inspired me to not skip the incline trainer today:) WOOT WOOT!! no self loathing just back on track!

  9. I am 2 months post show... took the rocky path. Getting fatter and hating it. Dont know what to do now..

  10. I suffered in silence after my one and only figure competition. I had every reason to celebrate, I won my competition with a clean sweep in 4 divisions and my pro card. Within 2 months I had gained all of my weight back and then some. I finally reached out to my best friend Shrell and we set out on a mission to uncover WHY this was happening. We interviewed over 15 female competitors, consulted with physicians, nutritionists and more and we have finally been able to combine all of our research into one resource after 2 years. Check out our site & let us know if and how we can help!