Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thoughts After Jr USA's Pre-Judging

I'm writing this on my phone as I sit at the Jr USA's venue, waiting for the evening show to start.

I feel happy, calm, and excited to stand on stage again tonight. Pre-judging went REALLY well this morning! My goal all along has been to place Top 5 at this show, so when I got 1st call-out this morning, I was ecstatic!! There were 6 of us called out. I wasn't in the middle (no box like in Pittsburgh), but I wasn't on an end. I'm taking that as a good sign and will be thrilled if I place 5th or higher.

I went into this show with a calm and happy mindset. I've put in a lot of hard work and now is the time to celebrate it. Like I've said before, regardless of placing, I already feel like a winner.

I'll post an update tomorrow with my placing. Now I'm going go chill in the audience with the Bio-Built team until it's time to shine on stage again!

After pre-judging

An upstoppable duo!!

J pointing out my ASSets! What a boy! Haha!

Thanks for all the well-wishes, support, & encouragement! It means the world to me!!


  1. Awww you look great and 1st callout! WOW! good luck tonight!

  2. You look great!!! Good luck tonight! I know you will
    do well;-) can't wait to hear!!!

  3. I just found your blog and LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! Good luck - no matter what though, you look AWESOME! Thanks for the inspiration to this "newbie"!!

  4. :) So happy for you and your placing. Your hard work and discipline paid off! Thanks for being awesome every day.

  5. yeeee!!!!!
    i stalked,er,checked up on you on muscle RX during prejudge and finals..
    you looked amazing!!!!
    i hope you are enjoying a wonderful breakfast!
    thank you for sharing your journey so far with all of us!
    i cant wait for a recap of your experience at finals!!!!
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was just about to ask how much you pay for your prep... but I think that might be a silly question.
    You and J are such a great team!!!