Monday, June 3, 2013

Jr USA's Weekend Recap

Wow ... it's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted a blog. Life has been crazy! Three days after I got home from Charleston, I jetted off to Minnesota to visit my family for several days. When I got back from Minnesota, I had a ton of deadline-sensitive work to do, along with trying to get back into the swing of my routine. Things have finally slowed down - thank goodness!

I haven't forgotten that I promised you a more in-depth recap of Jr USA's, so here goes!

We flew into Charleston on Friday afternoon. I checked in on Friday evening, and then went through the fun process of the spray tan. I was SO. COLD. The tanning lady kept asking me if I was ok because I was violently shivering. I swear - the tan is the worst part of competing. It took longer than usual to dry too, because our room didn't have a direct fan/AC vent and it was humid. Humidity + tan = hours of standing, waiting for the tan to dry. Thank goodness I found a marathon of Law & Order: SVU on TV to keep me occupied!

360 is a good number!
The hotel was attached to the venue, which is my favorite setup. So convenient! Even cooler was the open atrium of the hotel so we could people-watch from up by our room. I love seeing so many competitors and industry peeps in one location!

Perfect for spying - er, people watching
I actually slept decently the night before the show. I felt calm and relaxed - not anxious, just excited. I was up early on Saturday morning and went through the long beautification process, then we headed to the venue. It was in a Performing Arts center, so the stage area was really nice, and there were actual dressing rooms backstage.

I felt relaxed before the show and just had fun on stage. I can't even begin to tell you how excited, thrilled, ecstatic, happy I was when my number was the FIRST one called for FIRST call-outs!! I swear, my big smile got even bigger! My goal was top 5, and I'd just achieved it!

Class B Top 4!!
I came off-stage elated!

Right after pre-judging. We were excited!
I was tired and wanted to head back to the room for a nap, but we had a few friends and another Bio-Built team member competing in Bikini. After pre-judging, I tried to nap, but couldn't sleep. I was on such a high and couldn't stop smiling!

One of the industry experts predicted I would get 2nd! I realize it's just that - a prediction - and he wasn't a judge. But it sure felt great to know that I can hold my own on the National stage!

Prediction. Vicki Dowell actually ended up winning the whole show ... and he had me placing ahead of her!
Finals went quickly. They introduced all the competitors, we waved, and then they called top 5. I had made it!! I had my fingers crossed (figuratively) when they were calling the final placings. I didn't want to be called for anything less than 2nd; I got called for 4th. I had achieved my goal of top 5!

4th Place!!
I won a dagger! Or, as I later learned, a scimitar! Such a cool trophy!

How cool is that?!
I have to admit, because I read the prediction, I had my hopes up for higher than 4th place. I'm happy with it, but a teensy bit disappointed. I'll use that as fuel to train hard this year and come back even better next year!

When we got back to the room after the show, I was surprised to see a cupcake box sitting on the table! My birthday was the day after the show, and I told J that all I really wanted for my birthday was a cupcake with my name on it. And somehow, he managed to get to a cupcake store in Charleston and buy one without me having a clue! Best Boyfriend Ever award goes to J!

It said "Happy Bday Kari"!!

OMG. It was SO. GOOD.

We won a weapon!!
The next day (my birthday!!) we went shopping at an outlet mall and then went downtown Charleston.

At the Outlet Mall
We went for a carriage tour around the city, and our horse's name was Facebook!

Facebook and me
After the tour, we walked around the city. We ended up walking more than we'd planned, and by the time we made it back to the city center, we were exhausted!

J liked the weapons at Battery Park.
I liked the houses near Battery Park.
We ate pizza on Sunday night, and then flew home early Monday morning. All in all, it was a fun, wonderful weekend!

Fun on stage!


  1. LOVED the recap and more pics!
    AND you are sooooo tiny!
    theres that pic of you in your suit with j after prejudge---and it looks like he can wrap his pinky around your waist!

    glad you enjoyed charlsetown-i used to race XC there in college,and always loved how beautiful it was there!

    so whats in store for you next?
    and more adventures planned for this year?

    1. Thanks! I think I was about 100-102 on stage this year. We haven't decided on a show for next year, so right now I'm just getting started with my off-season. I'll be building up some areas and continuing to refine other areas.

  2. Congrats on your win!! you look stunning. Will you compete again this year?

    1. Thanks! I'm finished competing for the year. Still trying to decide on a show for next year.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I appreciate all your support!

  4. Congrats! You are STUNNING! Well deserved!