Thursday, August 8, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I'm still alive! I just haven't really felt like writing for some reason. I'm in the middle of reading the Mitch Rapp books by Vince Flynn, and given the choice between writing and reading, I've been choosing reading. I've also somehow managed to get myself added to a couple committees at work, along with a Toastmasters officer position that demands more time than the one I held last year. All of that combined with new projects at work means I haven't written a blog in FAR too long!

So here's what else has been going on in my world ...

J is competing this weekend!
He'll be competing as a Light Heavyweight in the Delaware state show on Saturday, August 10th. (If you're in the Wilmington, DE area this weekend, let me know!) I'm so excited for him - he's in the best shape he's ever been in, so in my opinion, he's already won. It's been a long couple months for him, but I tell ya what - I've never met anyone so consistent and dedicated. He hasn't missed one meal, one workout, one cardio session. He gives it his all every day, even though he wonders how he's going to get through each workout. But he does it and doesn't complain. He's my hero.

Sliced and Diced!
Krav Maga Revisited!
I bought another Groupon for martial arts classes (loves me some Groupon!), so I started taking Krav Maga self defense classes again. Remember last winter when I took a few Krav classes and ended up spraining my ankle during a routine warm up? I was so bummed I couldn't take any more classes after that! And then prep started in January, so I'm finally now able to take classes again. I took a class last Wednesday and my hands finally stopped hurting on Sunday. It was so awesome!

Family Time!
In early July, my uncle passed away, so I flew back to Minnesota for the funeral. It was a sad occasion, but I ended up having a nice visit with relatives I hadn't seen in many years. I also spent some quality time with my nephews.

Cuddling with my newest nephew, Jacob
Doing weighted pushups with nephews as weights!
A few days later, my parents flew out to Maryland to spend a few days visiting us here. I always love getting to spend time with my family! While my parents were here, we went to Harper's Ferry to walk around the town. There's a lot of history there, especially during the Civil War time period. The coolest thing is that it's at the peak of West Virginia. Across the Shenandoah River is Virginia, and across the Potomac Rivier is Maryland.

On the way home from Harper's Ferry, we stopped in Boonsboro, Maryland. For those of you who read Nora Roberts books, you may recognize the name of the town. It's the setting of her Inn Boonsboro trilogy. My mom and I are HUGE Nora Roberts fans, so we were ecstatic to see actual sites that were in the books! We (ok, I) jumped around, pointed, and yelled at all the stores and places I recognized from the books. The nice lady at Turn the Page Bookstore assured us that we were mildly tame fans - apparently, there are much more rabid fans than us.

Mom and me at Turn the Page Bookstore
Whenever my parents visit, they always come to the gym with me for at least one workout. We got photobombed by some guy in this picture! Haha!

Lunges with Mom!
My dad loves to fix things and put things together, so his project for this visit was to put our grill together. We gave it a trial run and made grilled chicken and asparagus. It was delicious!

We were all excited to use the grill!
I think I've got you all caught up now! I'll be posting some pictures this weekend while we're in Delaware. If you're interested in hearing J's thoughts and experiences, check out his YouTube channel! He posts a new video every day and always has something interesting to say.

Are there any other bookworms reading this? Have you read any Vince Flynn or Nora Roberts books? Which were your favorites?


  1. I haven't read many things by Nora Roberts but just finished Whiskey Beach - really enjoyed it!


  2. Ok, now I put a hold in for 'Whiskey Beach' and am looking up Vince Flynn. :)

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