Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Whirlwind That Was August

I can't believe it's been an entire MONTH since I last posted an entry! August was crazy busy for both J and me. He did TWO competitions in August, and then we went up to Rhode Island to visit his family.

Delaware State Championships
At the beginning of August, J and I headed up to Wilmington, Delaware for the weekend. He competed in the Delaware State Championships as a Light-Heavyweight. He brought his tightest conditioning EVER, proving that conditioning is no longer a weakness of his.

Most Muscular
He ended up placing 2nd, although, in my unbiased opinion, he should've won. I'm not complaining about judging - I despise when people do that. I'm merely stating my opinion as someone who's been in the industry and knows what to look for. I looked at his competition with an objective eye, and he had conditioning and shape over the winner, who just had size. In what book does 1 out of 3 win?

His posing routine was beautiful!
We left the show extremely disappointed and upset. It's one thing to lose to competitors who are clearly better than you, but it's quite another thing to lose to someone who didn't beat you in the majority of poses. Regardless of his placing, I'm extremely proud of J. Moving on (because thinking about this show makes me crabby) ...

Shawn Ray Classic
The original plan was for J to compete the following weekend in Baltimore at the Shawn Ray Classic; however, after the Delaware, J had a sour taste in his mouth. He didn't feel he could be any better, and announced that if he couldn't win the Delaware, maybe he didn't belong at the Shawn Ray show.

He spent all week eating things he hadn't gotten to eat for the last 3 months, while I cancelled hotel reservations and time off work.

How many plates can he eat?!
And then on Thursday night, after chatting with several trusted friends, he asked me if I thought he should compete in 2 days at the Shawn Ray. I made him drop his drawers, and hit a few poses so I could check out his conditioning. I told him that ultimately, it was his decision, and I'd support him either way, but I thought he should do the show. He certainly wouldn't look out of place on stage, and he'd probably have a good time.

He decided to do the show at 10 pm on Thursday evening. Who DOES that?! Ha!

I hastily RE-BOOKED the cancelled hotel room, re-planned PTO from work, and started packing for the weekend. The next morning, we headed to Baltimore.

We had a blast at the show!

A fuller look than the week before
Our friends, Dawn Robinson and Rob Kreider both competed too, so we had fun cheering for them on stage.

Team BioS3! J and me with Dawn. She has dropped over 100 lbs in the past few years. She's such an inspiration!
So proud of him!
The Big Bitch Formula crew was there in full force to support both J and Rob.

BBF! J & me, Rob & Donna, Tanya & Bobby
J just missed out on 5th place by a point. It was a tough show with good quality bodybuilders. He wasn't disappointed with this placing, because it was fair, in our opinions.

Rockin' the stage
I can't even describe how proud I am of J. He fought through an incredibly difficult prep and brought his absolute BEST to the stage. It's quite the accomplishment for his 20th year of competing.

Here's his posing routine from the Shawn Ray show. It's beautiful!

Rhode Island
Continuing the whirlwind that was August, we headed up to Rhode Island the week after the Shawn Ray. J's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer about mid-way through J's prep. It was a tough struggle for him to continue to stay focused on prep, while so concerned and upset about his dad's condition. We were looking forward to seeing his family and spending some quality time with his dad.

Brothers! J, his brother, and his niece, Khloe
We had a really nice visit! We hung out with his family, visited some of his friends, and played with his little 20-month old niece, Khloe.

On the way to the airport, we swung by Fenway Park!

We finally had a bit of a break from traveling, so I've been working a lot because work has been crazy busy! I work in a consulting firm, so August-September is proposal season and crunch time for many projects. I'm also taking some much-needed time off from the gym. I'll write about that in my next post, so stay tuned!

Did you take any end of summer trips? Where did you go and what did you do?