Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to the Grind - Sort Of

As I mentioned last week, I'm taking some time off from the gym. In that time, I've caught up on sleep and let go of some stress. I'm now a week into my gradual plan back into the gym, so I wanted to give you an update on how it's going.

My diet is still moderate carbs and decently high calories for my size. I'm having a difficult time getting all the meals in - I've been skipping one meal because I'm just not hungry. I'm listening to my body, and when I'm hungry, I eat. That comes out to 4 times a day. I'm hungrier in the morning and afternoon and not very hungry in the evenings. I find it a fascinating process to learn about how my body works and then to be able to listen to it. During prep, I have to push past my limits in order to achieve my goals; at this time, it's nice to be able to relax and not feel stressed about getting all my meals in.

This weekend, we hung out with some friends, and I was a bit upset I couldn't partake in the potluck. I kept thinking, "I wish I would've started my diet a week later!" But then I'd remember that it was my own choice and if I hadn't eaten whatever I wanted for 5 weeks, maybe I could've started a week later! In the end, I felt better sticking to my new plan (even though the cookies looked and smelled uh-maze-ing!).

I've dropped 4 lbs in the past week. We all know that it's just water, but regardless, I feel better. I know I'm making progress and hopefully soon my clothes will start to fit better. (That's the REAL test - how clothes fit!) I'd really like to lose 2-3 lbs this week. I know I've got at least 2 more lbs of water floating around in my body. Then hopefully the fat loss will really begin.

Cardio has just been AM cardio. Lemme tell ya - it was weird NOT doing morning cardio at first, and now it's kinda weird making sure I get up earlier again in order to have time to walk. Since it's not too cold in the mornings yet (and Mr. Treadmill is dying), I've been walking outside. I love walking around the neighborhoods in our little town! I grew up in a house on a county road, not in a neighborhood, so I love that I have neighborhoods around me to explore! Yesterday morning, I found the World's Biggest Leaf!

Biggest Leaf I've Ever Seen!
What challenges do you face after taking a break from the gym? Do you feel you have to re-learn old habits? Is it comforting to you to follow a structured plan?


  1. I've been travelling for almost two months, came home early for a funeral, and had been slacking at the gym for almost a month before I left. I am a bit afraid, but looking forward to, starting a proper eating and gym routine again. I imagine I am going to see a helluva lot of "improvement required" aspects when I get the gym this weekend. Thankfully I was walking 20kms a day almost every day, so the weight gain has been minimal.
    - Suz

  2. I totally feel you on this, I took a few weeks off due to horrible sickness with pregnancy and have just been getting back into it. While I'm at a different stage in life, I had eaten bagels every morning for a solid two weeks because it was all I could hold down... Now, I'm on the road to making different diet choices and man, it is NOT intuitive when your body was dictating what you ate. Going back to a structured meal plan feels like going home, its comforting to eat my goals again. :)

  3. I love finding the rhythm of life, body and spirit - it feels great. And hooray for fall - best season EVER!

  4. I think having a plan helps - I can focus on hitting the parts of my plan I need to do and not stressing about what I need to be doing.

  5. Hi id like to ask if your sport is any diferent from the male counterparts. I'm not in shape myself by any measure but i feel my sister is getting over obsessed with gluetamine and high priced supplements. If u could urself address this sort of thing as a pro. Sorry to pester thank you kindly .