Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Bit of Controversy

As some of you may know, J has a successful YouTube channel, on which he posts new videos nearly every day. (If you didn't know about his channel - what are you waiting for? Go check it out!) On one of his videos, he received a comment asking about my stance on steroids. I don't often talk about that subject on here because it's so controversial, but I thought you may find this video interesting.

I'd like to hear your opinions!

Do you compete in a natural or an untested organization? Do you feel natural competitors are at a disadvantage in an untested organization? Are you as scared of illegal things as I am?

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  1. I totally thought I commented on this!

    I compete in the NPC, which you know is natural... I'm not scared of illegal things but I am scared of substances that alter your body long-term negatively. It seems that steroid use can alter a man's body for more fat retention later on (this statement is based on personal observation, not research). I wouldn't do any substance, fat burner or anything if it meant good results now but poor body composition later, personally :)