Thursday, December 19, 2013

Self-Righteous Donkeys

One thing I've noticed a lot this year in the fitness industry is a marked air of superiority. From Facebook posts to tweets to Instagram pictures, I see people bragging about how much junk food they're eating, how high their calories are, and how little cardio they're doing. It's not only bragging, it's an attempt to make themselves feel superior to others who don't subscribe to the same approaches.

Personally, I don't care what others eat. I know which foods work best for MY body. I know which method of dieting works best for ME. It's not the same approach that works for everyone, because every body is different. But I sure as heck don't go around bragging about my diet and insinuating that others are stupid for not doing things my way! And I most certainly don't suggest that others are doing it "wrong" or that I'm better than anyone else because of how I eat.

I don't understand where the arrogance and false confidence came from. Where did it start and why?

I wish people could realize that no one person is better than anyone else. I eat this, you eat that. So what? Neither of us are better than the other; we're just different. I do cardio, you don't. Neither of us is wrong; we hold different beliefs about cardio and have different body ideals. The world is a richer and more interesting place when there are differences of belief, of opinion, of approaches.

Why be a self-righteous donkey when you could be a soaring eagle, diverse and beautiful in your own way?

I hope this culture of superiority and arrogance changes soon. I see it alienating and dividing people who used to be friends, or at least had mutual respect for one another. I realize there's always the option of "unfollowing" or "unsubscribing" from social media feeds, but I really wish that didn't have to even be a consideration.

My wish for 2014 is that there is more celebration and respect for differences, and less "holier than thou" attitudes.

Have you noticed this trend also? Do you know people who seem to love to brag about their diet and training program while putting down others who follow a different approach?


  1. I've REALLY noticed this trend. And maybe I'm more sensitive to it because I'm not "dieting", but it sure feels like some pros and national level competitors have presented themselves in that light instead of presenting their food choices as an idea for others. I have unfollowed a lot of pro bikini girls because of this. That's the other part, I feel like this is mostly in the bikini division, but that could also just be my perception.

  2. Yes. Makes me crazy. :( And I am also getting the point where I really just don't care what people are eating etc. I suppose it is because I have finally come to realize that just because so and so can do x, y and z it doesn't mean that I can..and thus I really don't care. hah! I also dislike the idea that pro level people think everyone should follow their diet. Ummm...totally doesn't work. If I ate the way some of them do I would be the size of two of me because my metabolism is COMPLETELY different than their's!

  3. Thank you for addressing it! I see these folks, and yay for them that their body responds without cardio, however mine doesn't and it doesn't make me less. Each of us is unique, and the way we train, eat, and drink is also unique. Differences like these shouldn't be cause for division. Thanks for sharing your perspective (and letting me know I'm not alone in feeling this way, lol).
    Happy Holidays!!