Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Every year, the body goes through changes, and things that used to work no longer work. And things that have never worked suddenly do work. This is one of the most beautiful and frustrating things about the body. Every year, prep is a new challenge.

This year has been especially challenging for me. I've been unofficially prepping for several weeks now, but feel like I've made zero progress because the scale has barely moved. And when it does move, it bounces around, which can really wreak some havoc on my mind and positive attitude!

Last year, the theme of my prep was "positive attitude." This year, I feel like it's "rebuilding." Because I took two months off, I've had to spend some extra time rebuilding what I'd lost. My body composition changed (which was to be expected), so I've spent the first part of prep not losing weight, but building back up and getting leaner at the same time.

Wait. What? Building muscle AND getting leaner at the same time? How is that possible?

It's possible if you follow the right plan for your body. Since J knows how my body functions and what works best for it, he designed a program to help me rebuild muscle while starting to drop some body fat. Which means the scale hasn't budged much. Which means I've been frustrated because prep has never been like this for me. Prep has always meant "getting lean" to me, so when I don't immediately see that happening, I get worried and frustrated.

Thankfully, J was finally able to explain in terms that I understood (prime example of the difference between male and female communication), and I feel a lot better about how I'm progressing.

I'm impatient by nature, so of course I want to be lean yesterday, for pete's sake!

I'm about 15 weeks out from Jr. Nationals. We just recently changed my training to add in a few more sets, reps, and plyos, so the intensity is picking up! I'm actively working on having patience, and I keep reminding myself that the scale is just an indicator of weight, not of body composition. I feel silly, because of course I know all of this, but sometimes my emotions get the better of my logic. (Does that ever happen to you too?)

Do you get impatient with prep? Do you find that your body goes through changes every year? How do you cope with it?


  1. I'm always impatient during prep...lol...


  2. I think it is easy to forget how frustrating a prior prep was... you should go back and read your blogs from last year, might make you feel better. :) I know my prep blogs do when I'm making a cutting effort (which has obviously been a WHILE).
    I'm always impatient. Even in my "gain" season I'm impatient to get to my next building phase.

    1. Thanks for the reminder about re-reading my previous blogs!

  3. Ditch the scale, doesn't matter anyway, we don't have to weigh in for.Figure! Just enjoy training hard and eating right :) Im rooting for you for Jr Nationals!

    1. Funny how I KNOW I should ditch the scale (and I tell others to), but I still let it get to me sometimes! :P