Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Locker Room Confessional

This prep has been full of interesting and new challenges. I've been pushing harder than I've pushed in a long time, and it's really starting to take a toll on me mentally and physically. My sprained ankle has mostly healed, but now I'm battling another injury. The quad teardrop above my knee on my right leg feels like DOMS x1000. I thought it was just a normal sore muscle, but during my run yesterday morning, it cramped up so badly, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it home from my run. It hurt to run, it hurt to walk. I very nearly called J to come pick me up, but he was at the gym with a client, so I toughed it out and made it home. We modified the plyos in my workout last night, and it was Delt Day, which gave my leg a bit of a reprieve.

I'm frustrated, tired, over-trained, and emotional.

Basically, this is the non-glamorous side of prep. Here's a video I put together last night at the gym. A very real and honest confessional about thoughts that run through my head during prep.

Despite the struggles and emotional breakdowns, not once have I considered backing out of the show. I WILL get through this, and I'll be stronger for it! When I stand on stage in 3 weeks, I'll know that I overcame injuries, challenges, and struggles, which will make the moment that much sweeter.

What struggles and challenges have you faced during prep? Do you identify with any of the feelings I'm experiencing?

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  1. Can TOTALLY identify here!!!!!
    I think I have hit every struggle from injury to self doubt and even pregnancy during prep!
    Its "normal" I think to hit these walls during prep, especially when its so close to show time. somehow 2 weeks can feel like 2 years!!! BUT it is in these moments, that true champions are defined. this is what separates you from the rest!!!! yes,prep can really suck sometimes. its never all fun and games! ,i don't think I have ever had a single prep without hitting at least 1 struggle,be it injury or just sheer exhaustion. in fact,2 weeks before I earned my 3rd pro card,i was injured and frustrated. I remember getting so pissed off during a workout,i felt like crying (which,i am not a crier) so after an epic fail at an attempted lift,i gathered my weak body (and ego) and went to the girls bathroom to cry--and what made it worse is that someone must have just had a box of cookies or a cake in there in something because the room smelt like cupcakes! and damnit,i wanted a cupcake!!!!! iso I threw myself a little pity party, pulled myself together and got through the next 2 weeks ---and my perseverance paid off. many workouts, many sleepless nights, many exhausted days and 7 months after having a baby,i stepped on stage prepared to WIN....and I did.
    I have no doubts in my mind that these not so glamorous timesyou arefacing will only build you up stronger,and you will step on the stage with your best physique yet!!!!!!!
    heres to kicking ass the rest of prep and letting your hard work and amazing physique speak fro itsef on stage.
    you are a CHAMPION!!!!!
    : )