Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughts Before Team Universe

I'm sitting in the hotel room in Teaneck, NJ, relaxing before going to my tanning appointment. Team Universe pre-judging is TOMORROW!! Where did the time go?! Time seems to stand still and then fly by during prep. It feels like I've been in prep forever (or 6 months), but I still can't believe the show is tomorrow already!

Originally, we'd planned on driving up to NJ this morning (Thursday morning), but yesterday afternoon, I started thinking about driving up at night instead. We left the house at 11 pm last night and arrived at the hotel at 3 am. J drove the entire time, for which I'm extremely grateful! I caught a bit of sleep during the drive, but was still exhausted when we got to the hotel.

Today has been spent sleeping and just relaxing. This is my favorite part of prep.

Earlier this afternoon, I got checked in to the show and received a cool participation medal. I've never gotten one at a show before and think it's a cool gesture for competitors. I kinda feel like I've already won because I've got a medal. :)

I already feel like a winner!
I'm feeling alternately excited, nervous, and tired. I'm trying to stay focused on bringing the best ME possible, and not worrying about who else is here and what they look like (sometimes easier said than done). I'm also dealing with the crushing experience I had here in 2011. Trying not to let that affect my nerves, and resolving to just stay relaxed and enjoy the experience this year.

Tonight will be spent trying not to mess up my tan (also easier said than done) and just relaxing. Tomorrow at noon is the athletes' meeting, and then pre-judging starts at 2 pm ET. I'm guessing I'll be on stage around 3-4 pm.

Thank you for following my journey and I'll try to post some updates throughout the weekend!


  1. I'm cheering you on! You've worked hard - physically and mentally, and it shows. You're a champion. Best wishes to you this weekend!!!!

  2. Good luck Kari!! And have fun. You look amazing!

  3. Good luck tomorrow kari! You look awesome ! Have fun and enjoy the moment. Watching u is so inspiring keep on posting.

  4. im sure you will do better than what you think!!!!!
    I think you look simply amazing!!! top 5 or not,you stil "won" in my book!
    I may or may not be stalking MD and so far bikini and womens physique callouts are up but still no word about figure!